Transcription tool v2

Transcription tool v2

Transcription tool v2

The transcription tool is a completely custom built solution for the NSW State Library. The tool allows community members to register and provide transcription services as digital volunteers. The tool allows any type of digital material to be transcribed from digitalised media assets. The first version of this prototype went live back in 2014.

Senuamedia worked with the State Library to develop all facets of the first version of this project from it’s inception to final delivery including training sessions with the Library digital volunteers on the delivery solution and ongoing maintenance. The next version of the transcription tool includes a new bootstrap based theme, enhancements to the editing ui, deep zoom images, improvements to the approval workflow, dashboard and an import / export wizard to integrate with their internal collection management systems. The new version of the transcription tool is due to be released in July 2017.

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